Grand Reopening Of the Main Site!

At long last, we're finally fixing up the main site. I will be working today on fixing it up and turning us into an official Resident Evil fan site! I've already begun working, and it's not going to be easy, but I have help that will get me through the day! Keep an eye out for the new site, guys! I PROMISE that it won't disappoint!

Site admin-Neo                October 14, 2009


Today is Zoltar/Gus's Birthday!! He's 15 now!! And in a non-related story, Koulatio has started to make graphics for the group. He has so far made the background you see on this site, and the new ZAST banner!! IF you want to get the banner in your ZU sig, go to my ZU page and look at my sig. the banner picture is there.

Leader-ZM666/John                           June 28, 2009


Z.A.S.T is happy to announce that we have finally opened up our official site! To be truthful we can say it is crappy...for now! this has just been opened and there will be plenty of techinical difficulties for now, and we would really appreciate if you could bare with us. We hope you have a wonderful time here and stay active in the forums(when they open) have fun!

-Co-leader- Zoltar

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